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I have seen and learnt Gurbani shabad 'Rakha Ek Hamara Swami' from your videos. You have done a good job. Thank you so much.
Ajit Singh, Ludhiana, Punjab, India
I was extremely pleased to look at the file VERSION # 2 Level #2 and Level #3. By Guru's Grace, you have really worked very hard with much dedication and passion. May God bless you with more inspiration, courage, effort, dedication and passion to do more selfless service for our community by creating more self learning/teaching material.
Thanks for your time and helping me to learn Kirtan.

Balwinder Kaur - 2, Toronto, Canada
Thank you SO much for spreading the teaching of Kirtan. I always had a thirst for it. Your videos have helped me so much. It is one thing to sing Guru's Bani, but it is something even greater to teach Kirtan to others and spread that vibration through so many hearts.
Harkiran Singh, MO
Its my first day and I learnt two shabads.....am very happy .... thank you so much

Gurpreet singh, Punjab, india
Respected Veer Ji ,
I just visited your site again today. My eyes remained wide opened for an hour and I became so crazy that I forgot about everything else.

WOW!!!!! Such a REMARKABLE Project you have completed for our Community.

GOD BLESS YOU WITH EXCELLENT HEALTH and SUCCESS in your upcoming future endeavours.

Balwinder Kaur, Toronto, Canada
First, I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for engaging in this huge seva of teaching gurbani kirtan in such an accessible manner. I have been craving to play my harmonium and absorb myself in gurbani. To have come across your website today truly made me smile! I look forward to your upcoming initiatives/videos and wish you the very best.
Avneet Kaur Dhanoa,
Bhai Sahibjeeo, many many thanks to you for this great sewa, our daughter learned a shabad watching video posted by you and sung that shabad in LA smaagam. Please keep it up, I have also learned two shabads from one of your keertan books.
Again thanks a lot jeeo!!!!!

Harinderpal Singh, chicago
"I am really impressed by your short videos which teach playing kirtan on keyboard."
Kuljit Singh Anand,
My beloved bhai sahib ji, Thank you so much for doing this seva! You have made me a happier person. Guru Sahib Ji has created a Gurudwara in Charlotte that I frequently go to, to do seva. I learn many shabads that you have put up on youtube and the sangat here falls in love with them. May Guru saibh grant you a long life to do the sangat seva.
RICKY SINGH, North Carolina
We are very thankful for the efforts you are putting to provide us the kirtan books from the beginner level. My daughter has learnt a lot. Now she can play level 1 book by herself. Please see the links

Jaissa Satgur Suneeda
Raakhaa Ek Hamara Suami
Too thakur Tum Peh Ardaas

Devinder Singh, Toronto, Canada
Thanks to you from the bottom of my heart, learning kirtans from the level 1 CD has got me going. I now sing kirtan at my gurdwara every Sunday, not to mention how you are ready to help whenever i call you. Keep doing the good work and may God Bless You and your family
Dolly, New York
This is fantastic seva that you have done; the joy received from your
email response cannot be described, and is heartfelt.

Harkirat Singh, UK
Uncle ji...very very thanks for sharing the video of bhai Harjinder singh ji... shabad ( mai bin gur dekhe)..it was really helpful for us. bohat bohat dhanwaad..
Baljinder kaur, Australia
I have been learning kirtan from your book and the videos you have posted online. Thank you very much i am very grateful to you even though i am born in New Zealand and never been to india but i wanted to learn kirtan even though i do not know how to read Punjabi but knowing now the shabads are translated into English it is very easy to learn kirtan, with your help.
Pinki Lal, New Zealand
Even though we live far apart, Manmohan Singh Jee teaches kirten through Skype, it is also very convenient, the voice is clear, the video is also clear. He's a great teacher because he enjoys teaching and that helps me learn a lot faster and of a much higher quality. I wish waheguru continue taking this sewa from you. I am blessed that I am learning Kirten from you.
Thanks Manmohan Singh Jee

Jagjeewan kaur, Columbus Ohio